Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Course photos

Here are many photos from the last few years showing the beauty of good turf and some of the work done to maintain both the beauty and the play ability.

Prior to the 2016 Mid-Armature Qualifier

Measuring 13 on the stimp meter for the tournament.

Normal maintenance on fairways and greens,

Fairway results are Tight!


Greens are even tighter!

A quick fairway bunker renovation:

Just some Nice looking pictures of good turf!

Thank you!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Some big changes are coming!
After 11 years my family and I decided on a change! I will miss my Maumelle friends!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Practice Green

Due to the lack of warm weather and over all below average growing conditions our Practice Green is a little thin, especially where most of the traffic is concentrated. We have been feeding the green extra fertilizer and will alter some maintenance practices in order to give the green a chance to catch up. The Greens Committee has asked me to close the high traffic area periodically in order to give it a break. This is temporary and the green should catch up to the other greens soon. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Course Update

Friday January 29, the contractor is coming out to repair the sunken drainage line and cartpath at the #2 bridge and turn around. To access this job the contractor will be using the # 3 cart path and cutting across the damn to number 2. So please be aware of the vehicles while playing 3 tomorrow.

The contractor says this job should be completed in just one day.  

We have begun repairs to our Back Nine Bunkers. We are adding needed sand that has been lost during the last two floods and we will be doing some renovation work on the couple of bunkers that had serious damage during the flood earlier this month. If weather remains perfect it should take about 3 weeks total to complete all repairs. Since this work is all weather dependent it may take us a bit longer to finish.

Lets hope we are finished with flooding for a few years!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Back Nine Open!

We will be opening the Back Nine for play today, Friday, January 15.

We will remain Cartpath Only with No Handicap Flags allowed on the Back Side until further notice.
The fairways and rough are still a little wet (more than a little in some spots), and more importantly there is a layer of silt that will create messy and slippery conditions for a time.

Please be careful when walking, especially to the greens. Silt can be slippery to walk on and it may track on to the greens if it sticks to your shoes.

Stay dry, stay clean and Have fun!!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Flood waters have receded!

The waters have receded! Now Clean up begins.

Our first priority is to wash silt off our greens. Although not a great amount was left on the greens , even a small amount can affect the surface drainage and can prevent oxygen from entering the soil. 
The next priority is bunker repair. We have a couple of bunkers that have been severely damaged by the running water removing sand and drainage. The rest are full of silt. All silt has to be removed before we can rake and evaluate the sand. 

The water was considerably higher than in the spring. During the spring the water did not reach the key hole on this door. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Crest not yet here

The river is not forecasted to crest until 12:30 AM Janurary 2. As of 11:00 am Dec 31 the river is at 24 feet, Crest is forecasted to be 26.1 feet.

That is about close to 4 foot high than this Spring.